Look 613

Credits :

Dress : Scandalize.SUCCUBUS. Red RARE NEW @SALEM
Horns Scandalize.SUCCUBUS. Red RARE NEW @SALEM
Tail: : Scandalize.SUCCUBUS. Red RARE NEW @SALEM
Wings : Scandalize.SUCCUBUS. Red RARE NEW @SALEM
Necklace : #9 Fortuna Lovely gacha – Black upper  NEW @ Gachaland
Necklace 2 : Fortuna Lovely gacha – Black lower NEW @ Gachaland
Earring : #10 Fortuna Lovely gacha – Lovely  NEW @ Gachaland
Shoes: .::Nanika::.Elvira Heels Maitreya RARE NEW @ Gachaland
Feet Bracelet : .::Nanika::.Elvira Maitreya RARE NEW @ Gachaland
Dark Passions – Grim Glamour rare  NEW @ Gachaland
{Demicorn} Specter Eyes – Myth RARE NEW @ Gachaland
Fallen Gods~ Runeflare, Black Intense +FGInc. NEW @ Gachaland
:Lg: – :Witch Gacha: – #2 lipstick NEW @ Gachaland
[Cubic Cherry] {Healthy Drink} NEWIronwood Hills
[Cubic Cherry] {Bulb} necklace NEWIronwood Hills
Mug – Lifestyles -scars face
Rings : Vibing & Nova – Aurora
Hair: Stealthic – Avela
“Moon_Sha” Coffins Cart NEW @ Gachaland
“Moon_Sha” Floating Autumn Leaves NEW @ Gachaland
“Moon_Sha” Autumn Ferns NEW @ Gachaland
“Moon_Sha” Fog NEW @ Gachaland
“Moon_Sha” Fallen Straw NEW @ Gachaland

:[P]:- Apocryph Divider [Faded-Sunrise]
Heart – Witchwood – Enchanted Wicca Trees – Mature1

Have a Look at Gimme Gacha

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